By establishing a robust AI platform and prioritizing targeted business use cases, starting with our innovative Grower Copilot initiative, we are poised to revolutionize our operations and drive sustainable growth in the ever-evolving agricultural landscape.

CIO, Global Producer and Distributor Company

Client Situation

  • The consumer company , a market leader in its category, is limited in its growth due to its inability to supply rather than market demand. While the company has industry-leading recommendations to optimize yield, the growers across the world find it hard to identify the right piece of advice in a dynamic agriculture environment. This information asymmetry is estimated to reduce the yield by approx. 5%-15% from the optimum levels recommended by the company R&D team.
  • Our data driven diagnostics revealed a high level of navigation abandonment, and studying the navigation paths helped us understand the user behavior, typical triggers when they seek information, and how they express their needs on the grower App.
  • These insights helped us design an AI assistant to help growers get to the information without having to go through several documents, and significantly increase the adoption of insights

How we added Value

  • Diagnostics:  Our quick diagnostics engine on DAMIA helped us visualize the grower navigation data from the app through Knowledge graphs. This provided insights on what the growers were looking for, and how many clicks it took for them to get to the information, and where most abandonments happened
  • Solution: We were able to harness knowledge graphs in conjunction with prompt tuning, and plumbing data through R&D recoomendations using Damia GenAI capabilities to develop the grower assistant in a short span of time.
  • Multi-modal in-App experience: We integrated the grower assistant capabilities with the mobile app infrastructure so that multi-modal inputs are now possible from the growers to easily find answers


80% Reduction in time to insights

30% increase in grower satisfaction rate