We haven’t,  ever in our history, been able to put our conversation data side-by-side with our IT systems data and correlate the cause-effect. Your AI solution is a true game-changer for us not just for its immediate benefits but ongoing diagnosis and optimization of our customer service processes

CDAO, Health Services Company

Client Situation

  • The healthcare firm, renowned for its superior customer service, had been declining in CSAT while exponentially ballooning AHT & Cost-to-serve for its patient helpline operations over the past 3 years
  • Our data-driven diagnostics allowed us to establish top two drivers contributing to these problems: a) significant increase in complexity of resolution-paths/ workflows b) higher attrition due to agent burnout with a higher cost-to-competency
  • We also established that the real cost of the declining CSAT was not just cost-to-serve but was a significant factor in member churn

How we added Value

  • Diagnostics: We were able to rapidly convert the conversation data to structured data , put the data together with agent workflow trace, and other systems data using GenAI capabilities of our DAMIA platform that allowed us the rich insights using DAMIA cognitive AI capabilities to understand the key drivers. 
  • Agent assist: We developed a copilot to help agents navigate through complex workflows and resolution paths swiftly through a GenAI+CognitiveAI solution, significantly reducing AHT as well as agent burnout.
  • Skills Empowerment: We built GenAI based personalized training journeys to significantly reduce time-to-competency


30% Reduction in Average Handle Time (AHT)

10% Increase in First Contact Resolution (FCR)

20% Reduction in agent training time