The success of the AI Vision Workshops exceeded our expectations. This initiative has set a clear direction for our AI strategy, fostering innovation and aligning our goals with actionable plans that will drive significant value.

CIO, Global Producer and Distributor Company

Client Situation

  • A leading global supplier and distributor in the agriculture industry embarked on a journey of digital transformation, seeking to integrate AI-powered innovations.
  • The CIO’s team partnered with AuxoAI to establish a foundational AI platform and implement targeted business use cases, starting with Grower Assist. The proof of concept was developed in sprints of 8-10 weeks.
  • Once ready, the IT leadership aimed to demonstrate the rapid value generated and gather feedback from business teams. To translate the art of possible for business teams and democratize the use of AI, they sought to build support and foster collaboration across all teams, encouraging brainstorming and exploration of optimal use cases where AI could drive significant business value for customers, consumers, and growers

How we added Value

  • AuxoAI facilitated AI Vision Workshops (Day 1 and Day 2) for the IT leadership team, attended by the CFO, Head of Strategy, and other C-suite members.
  • We conducted stakeholder interviews with various business units, including R&D and Supply Chain Management, to identify AI opportunities.
  • The Grower Assist POC was showcased to inspire the business teams and illustrate AI's possibilities.
  • The interactive sessions fostered collaboration and brainstorming, leading to the identification and prioritization of AI interventions based on complexity and business impact. Teams documented their requirements on an AI Canvas, detailing problem statements, data needs, and dependencies, and presented their use cases for voting.
  • Day 2 focused on designing the AI use cases, refining the workshop outcomes, resulting in clear actions and establishing the need for a foundational AI platform. The workshops ignited ideas, demonstrated the value of AI, and set a clear path for future AI initiatives.


25 Participants in the workshop

4 Teams brainstormed together

16 AI opportunities identified out of which 3 were prioritized